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Sports Massage

Many people presume that sports massage is solely for sports people – it is not! Sports massage is for anyone who desires a deep tissue massage that really will ease the muscles. It’s invaluable to athletes who need pre and post event massage which can either relax or invigorate the muscles in preparation for a competition, and then afterwards to flush out the waste products helping the sore muscles detoxify, realign and heal in preparation for the next event.

For those who don’t play sports but perhaps work in an office environment, sitting in the same position for long periods, at a computer, driving long distance or carrying out repetitive tasks, sports massage is ideal. It is extremely effective for loosening tight muscles, refreshing aching limbs, and helping to relieve tension in the neck, which can contribute to niggling tension headaches.

If you haven’t had a sports massage or even any kind of massage before don’t worry you’re in our experienced hands, we will quickly get a feel of what is ‘right’ for you. Your massage is all about you and what is right for you, so please don’t feel like you have to put up with pressure that is too heavy, or too light!

Treatment costs £35.00

45 minutes treatment time

(For initial consultations please allow an hour.)

To book an appointment or to contact a therapist please use the link below.


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