Juliana completes MSc Thesis


Congratulations to Juliana Samson, physiotherapist, clinical lead and owner of ‘Room 4 Movement’ for finishing her dissertation. This completes her Master’s degree with Keele University.

Juliana's research examines the systematic review papers that assess exercise in the treatment of Achilles tendon injury. Juliana believes that the ability to appraise systematic review research is important as these papers guide practice documents such as NICE guidelines. "It is important that clinicians are involved in this type of research to ensure that guidelines stay relevant to clinical practice, not only in physiotherapy, but in all areas of medicine," says Juliana.

"I’ve also learnt a lot through the process, not only about the world of academia, but also about myself – I never knew I was capable of writing up 169 pages on top of running my clinic and (only just) fitting in a life!"

Now that this piece of work is in, Juliana can look forward to spending more time with her family, focussing on her personal fitness and the fitness of the clinic. ‘My reception team have done an amazing job of taking the admin off my hands and now that great systems are in place, I can return to provide the vision for directing the growth of ‘Room 4 Movement’.